Welcome To Dynamic-Gamers!
We need Moderators - People to help start the server up when empty -- Please join us in Forums, TS, IRC for more info!

Dynamic-Gamers Is not only a clan, but more of a community. We enjoy casually playing a small variety of games, Mostly Battlefield 4 right now but soon Renegade-X. The reason this community was born was mostly for Renegade-X. We currently await its arival to begin running our own server and growing a wonderfull community. If you would like to talk with us, just pop on our forums and say Hello or join us on Teamspeak or on IRC.

Renegade-X: [CA] dynamic-gamers.com 32 Player AOW!, [CA]Hell Hole - Beta 2 - 40 Player Marathon!
Teamspeak3: dynamic-gamers.com:9987
IRC: dynamic-gamers.com:6667

If you would like to join our clan, just register on the forums and make a post in the Applications section (Click "Apply" above.).

Our Rules are: Be respectful, fair, mature, and have fun.

Server Info (Dell Poweredge R710):
CPU: 2x Xeon E5530 (8 Cores - 16 Threads) @ 2.40GHz /ea
RAM: 12GB DDR3FB (3GB Allocated to UTM VM)
HDD: 1x73GB (15k) OS HDD, 1x2TB 7.2k Data HDD

We will soon have 2-3 RenegadeX Servers. Depending on community growth.

Current Servers:

Teamspeak 3 - ONLINE
Renegade-X - ONLINE
Nothing here yet...